Bolivia – Valeriano Callejas

VARIETY   Red Catuai
CUP SCORE   88.25
FLAVOUR NOTES    bitter lemon, apple

All coffees are roasted up to 3 days prior to delivery. This way freshness and aroma of beans are at its peak.

Roast level : medium roast 3


This coffee comes from ATOQ project Cochamba. It takes the name of the producer  Valeriano Callejas. It has been grown in the region of San Jose – Bolivia at 1750 msl. Honey process is when the cherry peel is removed but some flesh is left inside.  The “mucilage” remains while the beans are dried.

What makes Bolivian coffee so distinct is that it is one of the highest elevation and lowest latitude coffees produced in the world. The region s remoteness also means that high-yielding hybrid coffee varieties were never extensively propagated, and as a result, producers spent decades working exclusively with Typica  and  Caturra varieties, which are known for their exceptional flavour. In recent years, many producers have chosen to replace Typica trees with the more productive but still delicious Catuai variety, while others have chosen to plant more exotic varieties like GeishaJava, and Ethiosar. (read more…Blog-Discover and share – Bolivian coffee)

Weight N/A

200g, 450g




Whole Bean, Cold Brew, French Press, Filter Coffee, V60, Aeropress, Moka Pot, Espresso, Turkish Coffee